Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland

Published 12th September, 2011

The Self Defence of the Republic of Poland or SRP (sometimes described simply as Samoobrona or Self Defence) was founded in January 1992 to support peasant debtors as a trade unionist movement and then political party. In 1992 it spent a lot of time organising blockades of the Ministry of Agriculture. It describes itself as Agrarian, left wing, eurosceptic and socially conservative.

In its first election in 1993 it secured 2.78% of the vote, too little to gain representation and likewise in 1997 where they received just 0.8% of the vote. In 2001 the party did much better and came third with 53 seats and 10.1% of the vote in the 460 seat Sejm or lower house.

In 2005 they increased their representation further and received 56 seats and 11.4%, joining the ill fated Law & Justice coalition government. In 2007 their participation in that government saw them crash out and they took just 1.53% of the vote and no seats or state funding.

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