The League of Polish Families

Published 12th September, 2011

The League of Polish Families or LPR was established in April 2001 by a number of smaller parties who opposed Polish membership of the European Union because of its liberal abortion laws. It describes itself as right wing and Christian right as well as social and national conservatism. It is staunchly Catholic and strongly nationalistic.

In the 2001 election the party took 38 seats and 7.9% of the vote in the 460 seat Sejm or lower house. In 2005 that tally dropped to 34 seats and 8% and in 2007 they failed to reach the 5% threshold, obtaining just 1.3% of the vote and no seats in the Sejm.

The party was briefly in the Law & Justice (PiS) government between 2005 and 2007 but suffered from the subsequent problems of keeping the coalition together. After 2007, because they fell below the threshold of 3% of the vote to secure government funding the party has no state support. Its party leader, Roman Giertych stood down; their current leader is Witold Bałażak.

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