Democratic and Social Centre – People´s Party

Published 18th January, 2011

Founded in 1974 as the Democratic Social Centre the PP or CDS-PP advocates a social market economy. It changed its name to Popular Party to differentiate itself from the Social Democratic Party (PSD). Although known as Partido popular it retains its CDS/PP designation.

In the April 1975 Constituent Assembly elections the CDS/PP took 16 seats and in the 2006 increased its number of seats to 42 out of 263 with 16% of the vote. By 1979 the CDS-PP had aligned itself with the PSD into the newly formed Democratic Alliance and took 43 of the Alliance tally of 128 seats.

This arrangement continued into the October 1980 election and the CDS/PP took 46 seats of the Alliance tally of 134 seats. The coalition ended in April 1983 and in the subsequent election the CDS/PP took 30 seats and 13% of the vote. In 1985 that number dropped to 22 seats and 10% of the vote. The decline continued in July 1987 when their tally of seats dropped to 4 out of 250 and a 4.44% of the vote.

In the 1991 election the CDS/PP won 5 seats and 4.43% of the vote. Their fortunes improved slightly in 1995 when they secured 15 seats and 9% of the vote. By 1999 they had 15 seats and 8.34% of the vote and in 2002 they lost one seat, dropping to 14 seats out of 230 seats and 8.72% of the vote.

In February 2005 the CDS/PP held 12 seats and lost two with 7.24% of the vote. In 2009 they improved their position, taking 21 seats and 10.43% of the vote.

In the 1996 Presidential election the CDS/PP supported Aníbal Cavaco Silva of the PSD in his candidacy. They also supported the PSD candidate in the 2001 and 2006 elections and will do so again in 2011.

The CDS/PP is affiliated to the the International Democrat Union, European Democrat union and European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament.

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