Democratic Intervention

Published 18th January, 2011

The ID is a left-wing political association founded to promote socialist ideas.

In 1987 the CDU secured 31 seats with 12.1% of the vote and but in 1991 fell back to 17 seats and 8.8% of the vote. They retained 15 seats in October 1995. In 1999 the decline was stopped with the CDU taking 17 seats of which the PCP took 15 and the PEV two.

In 2002 the CDU took 12 seats in the general election with 7% of the vote. In 2005 they took 14 seats with 7.54% of the vote and 2009 took 15 seats with 7.86% of the vote.

In 2006 the PCP and PEV put up a candidate in the Presidential election obtaining 8.64% of the vote. Their candidate in the 2011 Presidential election is Francisco José de Almeida Lopes.

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