Conservative Party

Published 12th November, 2012

The Conservative Party or PC was originally founded in 1991 as the Humanist Party of Romania (PUR). The party changed its name to Conservative Party on 7th May 2005. The party describes itself as Centre-right, although its membership of the S&D group in the European parliament would suggest that they are more Centre- left. The party says it believes in Conservatism and Social Conservatism.

Although formed in 1991 the first record of the party winning any parliamentary seats was in 2000 when they took six seats as part of the Social Democratic Pole. They formed a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) on the understanding that they could have a small and medium sized business ministry, the group of people they aim to represent. By 2003 the PSD had cooled on this idea and the Humanist Party left the government and went into opposition.

In 2004 they were back with the PSD, won 19 seats and joined the government but only until 2006 when they left once more. Also in 2006 they absorbed the Romanian National Unity Party (PUNR) into their ranks.

In 2008 they were part of an alliance with the PSD and between them the two parties won 114 seats in the 334 seat Chamber of Deputies but were pushed into opposition. In 2010 they formed the Social Liberal Union (USL) with the PSD and the National Liberal Party (PNL) and in 2012 went back into government as a member of the Victor Ponta led USL government prior to the 2012 elections.

The Conservative Party is a member of the European Parliament’s Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) where they have one of the 33 national seats.

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