Russian Federation

Minor Parties

Published 24th March, 2011

There is a long list of political parties which have not been recognised or registered. These have not been included in this list because they cannot play a representative role in elections. Below are the small number of registered minor parties.

• Patriots of Russia (Патриоты России)
• Right Cause (Правое дело) A merger of Civilian Power, Union of Right Forces (SPS), Party of Social Justice and Democratic Party of Russia (DPR) in November 2008.
• The Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko (Российская Объединённая Демократическая Партия “Яблоко”).

As of 16th June 2012 two small parties who have been protesting against President Vladimir Putin have merged. They are the People’s Freedom Party and the Republican Party of Russia. Both are led by former ministers in Putin’s government. A new name has not as yet been announced.

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