Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Labour Party

Published 9th June, 2016

The Saint Lucia Labour Party or SLP was founded in 1949 as a centre-left party with the support of the Saint Lucia Workers Cooperative Union.

Universal suffrage was introduced to Saint Lucia in 1951 and the SLP was the first party to win an election by taking five of the eight seats in parliament. They went on to win in 1954, 1957 and 1961 by which time the parliament had grown to ten seats and the SLP won nine of them. The 1961 election was the first election fought after the country had gained independence from the United Kingdom.

Everything was to change in 1964 when the newly formed United Workers Party (UWP) fought its first election and won. It wasn’t to be until 1979 before the SLP won again with 12 of the 17 seats, but just under three years later the SLP was to lose power once more and from 1982 until 1997 they would remain in opposition. The SLP won the 1979 election with 16 of the 17 seats in the House of Assembly and again in 2001 with 14 of the 17 seats. In 2006 they lost but in 2011 they were back with 11 of 17 seats. They lost again in 2016 with a complete reversal to take six of the 17 seats.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is a member of the worldwide social democratic organisation Progressive Alliance and is also a member of the nationalist organisation, the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPPAL).

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