San Marino

Party of Socialists and Democrats

Published 16th October, 2012

The Party of Socialists and Democrats or PSD was formed in 2005 as a merger between the Sammarinese Socialist Party (PSS) which is the oldest party in the country having been originally founded in 1892 and the Party of Democrats (PD). It describes itself as centre-left and believes in Social Democracy.

At the formation of the new party it had 27 seats in the 60 seat Grand and General Council. In the 2006 general election that number was reduced to 20 seats. Nevertheless it went into government with the Popular Alliance (AP) and the United Left (SU) until tensions between the parties led to a breakup of the government and fresh elections in 2008.

In 2008 the Party of Socialists and Democrats was the leading party in the Reforms and Freedom
electoral coalition which won 25 seats. The PSD won 18 of the 25 seats and as a consequence of the drop in support went into opposition.

The Party of Socialists and Democrats is a member of Socialist International and the Party of European Socialists.

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