Sao Tome and Principe

Independent Democratic Action

Published 12th July, 2011

The Independent Democratic Action was formed in 1992 as a centrist party supporting President Miguel Trovoada.

In 1994 the ADI won 14 of the 55 National Assembly seats and in January 1996 they joined with the MLSTP-PSD) in a government of national unity, but they refused to join the next government formed in the October of the same year.

In 1998 the ADI won 16 seats and 28.19% of the vote increasing its representation by two seats.

In 2001 the ADI presidential candidate Fradique de Menezes won 55.18% of the vote in a first round victory and then promptly formed the MDFM-PL. A year later they fought the 2002 general election as part of the UE-Kédadji coalition but won only eight seats.

By 2006 they were back and won 11 seats with 20.5% of the vote although their presidential candidate was beaten by Fradique de Menezes. In 2010 they took 26 of the 55 seats with 43.13%, their best performance ever.

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