Minor Parties

Published 24th March, 2011

This is not an exhaustive list. Some of the parties listed below are parties to larger alliances with a chance of some representation in the National Assembly of Serbia.

• Albanian Coalition from Preševo Valley
• Bosniak Democratic Party of Sandžak
• Bosniak People’s Party
• Christian Democratic Party of Serbia
• Civic Initiative of Gora,Građanska Inicijativa Gore
• Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina
• Democratic Party of Macedonians
• Democratic Party of Sandzak
• Green Ecological Party – Green
• Greens of Serbia
• Hungarian Coalition, Magyar Koalíció (MK)
• List for Sandžak, Lista za Sandžak
• Montenegrin Party, Crnogorska Partija
• Movement for the Economic Revival of Serbia
• New Serbia
• Party of Bulgarians of Serbia
• Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak
• Party of United Pensioners of Serbia
• People’s Party
• People’s Peasant Party
• Power of Serbia Movement – BK
• Reformist Party,Reformistička stranka
• Rich Serbia
• Roma Party, Romani partija
• Social Democratic Union
• Social Liberal Party of Sandžak
• Socialist Movement
• Strength of Serbia Movement,Pokret Snaga Srbije
• Together for Šumadija
• United Serbia
• Vlach Unity Movement
• Vojvodina’s Party, Vojvođanska Partija.

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