Serbian Progressive Party

Published 25th April, 2012

The Serbian Progressive Party or SNS was founded in October 2008 by a breakaway group from the Serbian Radical Party (SRS). It describes itself as right wing and believes in national conservatism, nationalism and right wing populism.

The party is led by Tomislav Nikolić who was a former deputy leader of the SRS and who fell out with the leadership over their approach to Europe.

The party has formed an alliance for the 2012 parliamentary and presidential elections entitled ‘Let’s Get Serbia Moving’. Nikolić is standing as their presidential candidate and other parties in the alliance include New Serbia, the Association for Small and Medium Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Coalition of Refugee Associations in the Republic of Serbia, Power of Serbia Movement – BK, People’s Peasant Party, Bosniak People’s Party, the Democratic Party of Macedonians, Roma Party, Vlach Unity Movement, Socialist Movement and Movement for the Economic Revival of Serbia.

As a result of defections from the SRS the party has 21 seats in the 250 seat National Assembly. At the time of writing the SNS is leading the polls with its old party reduced to around 5% of the vote.

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