Serbian Radical Party

Published 16th April, 2012

The Serbian Nationalist Party or SRS was founded in 1991. It describes itself as far-right and believes in Serbian nationalism, social conservatism and anti-globalisation. It also believes in the creation of a Greater Serbia.

The party won 34 seats in the December 1992 federal lower house elections and worked with the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) until 1993.

In the 1992 Serbian Parliamentary election the party won 73 of 250 seats in the National Assembly but in 1993 elections the party had its number of seats reduced to 39 seats. In 1997 their fortunes improved and they went back up to 82 seats and in March 1997 they were included in the SPS government

The SRS supported the position of President Slobodan Milošević in the 1998-1999 Kosovo crisis and although they continued to support Milošević the party did endorse the election of Vojislav Koštunica in 2000.

In the general election of 2000 the party saw its worst result, slumping to just 23 seats, but in 2003 they bounced back to become the largest party in the National Assembly of Serbia with 82 of the 250 seats. The party was, however, locked out of government by a coalition of other parties.

The Serbian Radical Party also did well in 2007 when they took 81 seats to become the largest party once more, but again they were unable to form a government and in 2008, although not the largest party, they took 78 seats are were once more locked out of government.

In 2012 the Serbian Radical Party will go it alone once more with their list headed up by their President, Vojislav Šešelj, who has been incarcerated in The Hague since 2003 charged with war crimes.

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