Serbian Renewal Movement

Published 16th April, 2012

The Serbian Renewal Movement or SPO was founded in 1990 by Vuk Drašković a writer. It describes itself as conservative and believes in Monarchism, Serbian nationalism and Pro-Europeanism.

Originally a radical nationalist party, it revised its position in 1992 and opposed the Bosnian war. The party became part of the DEPOS opposition alliance in the 1992 and 1993 elections in which DEPOS won 45 seats in the Serbian Assembly.

The SPO went on to join the ‘Together’ alliance which won 22 seats in the 1996 federal elections. In 1997 Vuk Drašković contested the presidential election and came third with 15.4% of the vote. In the 1997 general election the party won 45 seats and in 1999 the party joined the federal government led by the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). The alliance was short lived and after three months they were expelled from the government over differences on Kosovo.

In the 2000 presidential election their presidential candidate, Vojislav Mihailović, took just 3% of the vote and in the general election the party failed to win a single seat.

By 2003 the party had joined forces with New Serbia and together they won 22 of 250 seats in the National Assembly of Serbia. They joined the government of Vojislav Koštunica and Vuk Drašković became the new Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro.

Following defections the SPO entered the 2007 election with just three members of parliament and decided to fight the election alone; they won no seats that year. In 2008 they made a recovery when they joined the ‘For a European Serbia’ led by Boris Tadić and the Democratic Party. In 2008 the party took four of the 102 seats in the alliance.

For the 2012 general election the Serbian Renewal Movement has joined the Liberal Democratic Party alliance Čedomir Jovanović – Turnover which supports Čedomir Jovanović in his presidential bid.

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