Democratic Party

Published 24th March, 2011

The Seychelles Democratic Party or DP was registered in 1992 following a period of one party state.  It was originally founded in 1964 by Sir James Mancham, the first president of Seychelles.

Sir James was ousted from office after one year, in 1977, and remained in exile until 1992 when he came back to lead the revised party in the elections of that year.  The DP took eight of the 22 seats on the constitutional commission which was elected to draft a new constitution.

In 1993 the DP won five seats and in 1998 they dropped to just one seat.  They won no seats in 2002 or 2007.

In February 2005 Mancham stood down as party leader and in 2006 he was replaced by Paul Chow.  The current leader is Ralph Volcere and the DP is now referred to as the New Democratic party.

The DP is a member of the Democrat Union of Africa, a part of the International Democrat Union.

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