Seychelles National Party

Published 21st April, 2011

The Seychelles National Party or SNP took its current name in July 1998 by the then United Opposition.

The United Opposition had been formed in 1995 as a merger between three parties, the Seychelles National Movement, the National Alliance Party and the Seychelles Party.

It states its aims as the pursuance of active multi-party democracy, respect for human rights and liberal economic reforms.  The United opposition was formed to combat the ‘totalitarian regime’ of Albert René.

In 1993 the United Opposition won one seat and in the general election of 1998 they won three seats.  As the SNP in 2002 they won eleven seats, and again in 2007 they won eleven seats.

Their current leader is Rev. Wavel Ramkalawan, an Anglican priest.

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