Sierra Leone

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All People's Congress

The All People’s Congress or APC was founded in 1962 by Siaka Stevens and others. It describes itself as Centre-left and believes in Democratic Socialism. In the 1962 general election […] more ->

People's Movement for Democratic Change

The People’s Movement for Democratic Change or PMDC was founded in January 2006 as a splinter faction from the Sierra Leone People’s Party. The party describes itself as centre-left and […] more ->

Sierra Leone People's Party

The Sierra Leone People’s Party or SLPP was founded in 1951 through the merger of the Peoples Party (PP), the Protectorate Education Progressive Union (PEPU) and the Sierra Leone Organisation […] more ->

Minor Parties

The following parties are also recognised by the National Electoral Commission (NEC). National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP) Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) Peace […] more ->