Sierra Leone

All People’s Congress

Published 17th October, 2012

The All People’s Congress or APC was founded in 1962 by Siaka Stevens and others. It describes itself as Centre-left and believes in Democratic Socialism.

In the 1962 general election the APC took 16 of the 74 seats in the House of Representatives. Over the next three elections the APC continually increased their representation, taking 32 seats in 1967, 84 seats in 1973 and 70 seats in 1977 (but in a larger parliament).

In 1971 Siaka Stevens became the first president of the country, a post he held until 1985. He replaced himself with Joseph Saidu Momoh who remained in power until 1992 when he was ousted by a military coup.

With 70 seats in the 100 seat parliament after the 1978 general election and with an APC president, they changed the constitution in 1978 to make the All People’s Congress the sole legal party in Sierra Leone. As such the 1982 and 1986 elections were rubber stamp elections.

A military coup brought an end to the APC rule and there were no elections until 1996. In those elections the APC lost the presidency and dropped to five seats in the 100 seat House of Representatives.

Following a period of civil war fresh elections were held in 2002 and the APC recovered some ground, taking 27 of 112 seats in the parliament. In 2007 the party stormed back to victory with 59 of the 124 seats (12 seats are held by indirectly elected Paramount Chiefs) and their candidate, Ernest Bai Koroma, won the presidential election with 54.62% of the vote.

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