Freedom and Solidarity

Published 31st January, 2012

Freedom and Solidarity was founded in 2009 by Richard Sulík, a former economics adviser to the SDKÚ government and architect of the country’s ‘flat tax’ system. It describes itself as centre-right and believes in Classical Liberalism, libertarianism and soft-euroscepticism.

In its first electoral outing in 2009 it fell just short of winning a seat in the European elections. But in 2010 the new party was able to win 22 of the 150 seats in the National Council, earning itself a place in the new government of Iveta Radičová and her Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKÚ-DS).

In 2011, however, the party fell out with the government over plans to contribute to the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). At the time Richard Sulík said “I’d rather be a pariah in Brussels than have to feel ashamed in front of my own children.” The government was subsequently defeated, Freedom and Solidarity was ejected from the coalition and a general election called for March 2012.

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