Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia

Published 25th November, 2011

The Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia or DeSUS was founded in 1990 with the view to representing the interests of pensioners. It describes itself as a centrist party and believes in single issue politics and social justice.

The party was part of the United List of Social Democrats (ZLSD) which came came third with 14 seats but which subsequently joined the coalition government under its leader Janez Drnovšek.

In 1996 the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia stood alone and won five seats, coming fifth in the new parliament with 4.32% of the vote. They immediately joined the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia coalition government.

They repeated this formula in 2000 when they took four seats and 5.16% of the vote.

2004 saw them drop to seventh in the list of parliamentary parties although they retained their four seats with 4.04% of the vote. In 2008 they did their best ever, taking seven seats and 7.45% of the vote. They went on to join the Social Democrat (SD) coalition government led by Borut Pahor.

In June 2011 the party left the coalition government and when a no confidence vote was held they voted against the government causing the election to be called for 4th December.

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