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Political Parties in Solomon Islands

Published 30th March, 2011

Solomon Islands does not have political parties in the traditional sense. Parties often form prior to a general election and then when elected tend to be weakly structured with many disintegrating during the course of the parliament through defections and internal changes.

There are a small number of parties who have managed to hold together over a period of time and they are covered below, but most parties are of a transient nature.

Parties with some degree of long term stability are:

• Democratic Party (SIDP); Founded in 2006 it won three seats in 2006 and in 2010 was the largest party by far with 13 seats. Late in the parliament the party saw wholesale defections to the government.

• National Party; Founded in 1997 it won one seat in 1997 and four seats in 2006.

• People’s Alliance Party (PAP); Founded in 1979 it has been the most successful of the semi-permanent parties. Its zenith was in 1989 when it won 23 of the 50 seats in the National Parliament. Since then it won 20 seats in 2001 but has recently gone into decline.

• Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA); Founded in 2006 it won four seats in the elections of that year and four seats again in 2010.

• Solomon Islands Liberal Party (SILP); Founded in 1988 SILP has consistently won seats. Its best result was as a member of the Alliance for Change which won 12 seats in 2001. It won one seat in 2010.

• Association of Independent Members (AIM); Founded in 2001 and one it is what it says it is and catches all Independent thinking candidates.

• Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP); Founded in 1980 when it won 16 of the 38 seats in the National Parliament. In 1984 it won 13 seats but after that slipped down into single figures.

Other parties of a more transient nature but which contested the 2010 general election are:

• Direct Development Party
• New Nations Solomon Islands Party
• Solomon Islands People’s Congress Party
• Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands (RDP-SI
• Rural Congress People’s Party
• Ownership, Unity and Responsibility Party (OUR)
• People’s Federation Party
• Autonomous Solomon Islanders Party (ASIP)
• Twelve Pillars to Peace and Prosperity Party (TP4)
• People’s Power Action Party
• Rural and Urban Political Party (RUPP)
• Christian Progressive Party (CPP)

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