South Africa

Economic Freedom Fighters

Published 12th May, 2014

The Economic Freedom Fighters or EFF were founded on 17th August 2013 by former African National Congress (ANC) Youth League President Julius Malema and others after his expulsion from the ANC. The party describes itself as Far-left and believes in Marxism–Leninism, Left-wing populism, Anti-capitalism, Anti-imperialism, and Pan-Africanism.

The party has grown rapidly upon the back of the charismatic Malema who describes himself as the Commander in Chief and gets most of its support from disaffected and disillusioned youth, many of whom are unemployed. The party gets most of its support in the Limpopo province.

The EEF did very well in its first electoral outing in the general election of 2014, taking 6.35% of the vote and 25 of the 400 seats in the National Assembly.

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