South Korea


About South Korean Political Parties

Please note that South Korean political parties have a habit of changing their names. Traditionally this was done when a new leader was elected or appointed, but in more recent […] more ->

Creative Korea Party (Changjo Hanguk-dang)

The Creative Korea Party or CKP was founded on 14th October 2007 from a splinter group of the Uri Party (YUP). It describes itself as centrist and believes in Liberalism […] more ->

Democratic Unity Party  (Minju Tonghabdang)

The Democratic Unity Party or DUP (until February 2012 it was known as the Democratic United Party) was founded on 15th December 2011. The DUP is a merger of the […] more ->

Liberty Forward Party (Jayu Seonjin-dang)

The Liberty Forward Party or LFP was founded on 1st February 2008 by Lee Hoi-chang, a former presidential candidate with the Grand National Party (GNP). The party describes itself as […] more ->

New Progressive Party (Jinbo Sindang)

The New Progressive Party of NPP was founded on 16th March 2008 by a splinter group from the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). The party describes itself as centre-left and believes […] more ->

New World Party (Saenuridang)

The New World Party or NWP is the name adopted by the Grand National Party or GNP in February 2012. The GNP was founded in 1997 as a merger between […] more ->

Unified Progressive Party

The United Progressive Party or UPP was founded on 5th December 2011 as a merger between the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) (founded 2000) and the People‚Äôs Participation Party (PPP) (founded […] more ->