Cabinet of Sudan

Engineer Salah-eddin Wansi Minister for the Presidency Affairs
Ahmed Saad Omer Minister of Cabinet Affairs
Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim Minister of Federal Government Chamber
Lt. Gen. Mustafa Osman Al-Obaid Acting Minister of Defense
Lt Gen. Ismat Abdul-Rahman Zain-al-Abdeen Minister of Interior
Professor Ibrahim Ghandour Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dr Awad Al-Hassan Al-Nur Minister of Justice
Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman Minister of Information
Badr -Eddin Mahmoud Abbas Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
Prof. Ibrahim Adam Ahmed Al-Dekhairi Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
Dr Mohammed Yousif Ali Yousif Minister of Industry
Dr Mohammaed Zayed Awad Minister of Oil and Gas
Mutaz Musa Abdalla Salim Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity
Prof. Musa Tibin Musa Minister of Animal Resources
Modathir Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Rahman Minister of Investment
Engineer Makkawi Mohammed Awad Minister of Roads, Transport and Bridges
Dr Sadiq Ahmed Al-Karuri Minister of Minerals
Mansour Yousif Al-Agab Minister of Trade
Dr Al-Fatih Ali Sidiq Minister of International Cooperation
Dr Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and
Physical Development
Dr Mohammed Abu Zaid Mustafa Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife
Suad Abdul-Raziq Minister of Education
Sommya Abu Kashwa Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Al-Tayed Hassan Badawi Minister of Culture
Al-Fatih Tajal-Sir Minister of Orientation and Endowments
Mashayer Ahmed Al-Dawalab Minister of Welfare and Social Security
Bahar Idris Abugarda Minister of Health
Ahmed Babikir Nahar Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform
Dr Al-Sadiq Al-Hadi Abdul-Rahman Al-Mahdi Minister of Human Resources Development
Haider Galokoma Minister of Youth and Sport
Dr Tahini Abdalla Attia Minister of Communications and Information Technology
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