Political Parties in Suriname

Published 30th March, 2011

Below is a list of known political parties in Suriname. This is a preliminary list and will be followed with a more detailed history of the parties.

Major Parties

Mega Combination (Mega Combinatie) (MC)

New Front for Democracy and Development (Nieuw Front [voor Democratie en Ontwikkeling) (NFDO) {an alliance Party}

A Combination (A-Combinatie) (AC) {an alliance Party}

People’s Alliance for Progress (Volkasalliantie voor Vooruitgang) (VVV) {an alliance Party}

National Democratic Party (Nationaal Democratische Partij) (NDP)

Minor Parties

Party for Democracy and Development through Unity (Partij voor Democratie en Ontwikkeling door Eenheid) (PDOE)

Basic Party for Renewal and Democracy (Basispartij voor Vernieuwing en Democratie) (BVD) {NFDO alliance}

Progressive Reform Party (Vooruitstrevende Hervormingspartij) (VHP) {NFDO alliance}

National Party Suriname (National Partij Suriname) (NPS) {NFDO alliance}

Surinamese labour party (Surinaamse Parttijvan de Arbeid) {NFDO alliance}

Democratic Alternative ’91 (Democratisch Alternatief ’91) {NFDO alliance}

Democratic Union Suriname

A Combination (A Combinatie) (AC)

National Democratic Party (Nationale Democratische Partij) (NDP) {VVV alliance}

Party for National Unity and Solidarity (Kerukan Tulodo Pranatan Ingit) {NFDO alliance}

General Liberation and development Party (Alegmene Bevrijdings en Ontwikkelingspartij) {AC alliance}

Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (Broederschap en Eenheid in de Politiek) {AC alliance}

Sources: Various

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