Christian Democrats

Published 20th June, 2014

The Christian Democrats or KD was founded in 1964 as an alternative to the socialist versus anti-socialist approach to politics in Sweden at the time. Originally the party was known as the Christian Democratic Unity but that changed to the Christian Democrats in 1996. The party describes itself as Centre-right and believes in Christian democracy and Social conservatism.

The party was unsuccessful in winning any seats in its own right until 1991 but in 1985 it entered into a pact with the Centre Party (C) which saw it receive one of the Centre Party’s 44 seats of that election.

In the 1991 election the party won 26 seats and immediately became part of the four party coalition established by the Moderate Party. In 1994 they dropped to 15 seats but in 1998 were back up to 42 seats. That was to be their best result to date and since then there has been a gentle decline.

In 2002 the Christian Democrats won 33 seats and in 2006 that dropped to 24 seats although they became part of the Alliance government which consisted of the same four parties, including the Moderate Party, Liberal people’s Party and Centre Party. In 2010 the Alliance won once more but the Christian democrats were down to 19 seats.

The Christian Democrats are members of Centrist Democrat International and the European People’s Party. In the European Parliament where they have one of the 20 national seats they are members of the European People’s Party (EPP) bloc.

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