Green Party

Published 20th June, 2014

The Green Party was founded on 20th September 1981 as a movement supporting changes to environmental policy and supporting the anti-nuclear power movement. The party describes itself as Centre-left and believes in Green politics.

It was to be seven years before the Greens were to gain parliamentary representation in 1988 when they won 20 seats in the 349 seat Riksdag. This success was especially marked because they were the first new party to enter parliament in 70 years.

Their success was short lived and in 1991 they fell below the 4% threshold, losing all of their seats. Since then they have managed a gradual climb back into parliament, winning 18 seats in 1994, 16 seats in 1998 and 17 seats in 2002.

From 1998 the Greens had given external support to the Social Democrat government, something which they have continued to do despite a brief flirtation with the Centre Party. In 2006 the Greens managed to win 19 seats and in 2008 agreed to form the Red-Green Coalition with the Social Democrats and Left Party. Although the Greens did well in the September 2010 election and won 25 seats in the 349 seat Riksdag, the Social Democrats lost 18 seats in their worst election so far and in the November the alliance was dissolved.

The Green Party is a member of the Global Greens and a member of the European Green Party and The European Alliance of EU-critical Movements. In the European Parliament where the party currently holds four of the 20 national seats it is a member of the Greens–European Free Alliance bloc.

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