Left Party

Published 20th June, 2014

The Left Party or V was founded in 1917 following a split in the Social Democrats. The Left Party is a successor to the Swedish Communist Party which was founded in 1917 as the Social Democratic Left Party of Sweden. It changed its name to Communist Party in 1921 when it joined Communist International (Comintern). The Communist title was dropped in 1990.

The party describes itself as Left-wing and believes in Socialism and Feminism. The party opposes privatisation, is against the Euro currency and advocates increased public expenditure.

As the Social Democratic Left Party of Sweden it won its first seats in the 1917 general election when it took 11 seats in the 230 seat Riksdag.

After that and in the period up to the Second World War the party did not manage to get more than eight seats in any one parliament but they frequently supported the Social Democrats after the war. In 1944 they had their best result with 15 seats but then dropped back to single numbers until 1970 when they started to do much better and won 17 seats.

Their best result to date was in 1998 when they won 43 of the 349 seats in the Riksdag. Since then they have slipped back, taking 30 seats in 2002, 22 seats in 2006 and 19 seats in 2010.

The Left Party is a member of the Nordic Green Left Alliance and in the European Parliament where it has one of the 20 national seats it is a member of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left bloc.

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