Minor Parties

Published 30th March, 2011

• Pirate Party (PP) – it has two seats in the European Parliament.
• Feminist Initiative (FI)
• June List (Junilistan) (JL)

• Aktivdemokrati (Direct democratic party)
• Centre Democrats (Centrumdemokraterna)
• Classical Liberal Party, (Klassiskt Liberala Partiet) (KLP)
• Communist Party (Kommunistiska Partiet)
• Communist Party of Sweden (Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti)
• European Worker’s Party (Europeiska Arbetarpartiet)
• Health Care Party (Sjukvårdspartiet) (SVP)
• National Democrats (Nationaldemokraterna)
• Party of the Swedes (Svenskarnas Parti)
• Right-wing Party the Conservatives (Högerpartiet de konservativa)
• Socialist Party (Socialistiska Partiet)
• Socialist Justice Party (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna)
• Communist League (Kommunistiska Förbundet)
• Swedish Senior Citizen Interest Party (Sveriges Pensionärers Intresseparti) (SPI)
• Social Party (Sociala Partiet) (SP)
• The New Swedes (DPNS)
• The Free Party of Sweden (Partiet De Fria) (PDF)
• Unique Party (Unika partiet)
• Unity (Enhet)
• Liquor Party (Spritpartiet)

There is also a long list of much smaller local parties.

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