The Green Party of Switzerland

Published 24th September, 2011

German: Grüne Partei der Schweiz
French: Les verts – Parti écologiste suisse
Italian: I Verdi – Partito ecologista svizzero
Romansh: La Verda – Partida ecologica svizra

The Greens or Green Party of Switzerland were founded in 1983 as the Federation of Green Parties of Switzerland which took in nine groupings across the country. The describe themselves as left wing and believe in green politics and social progressivism.

In the 1983 federal election the Greens took 1.9% of the vote and four seats. Since then they have steadily grown and in 1987 were the fifth largest party, a position they have continued to maintain. However their percentage of the vote has steadily grown to 7.4% in 2003 and 9.6% in 2007. Currently they have 20 seats in the National Council.

The Green Party of Switzerland are members of the Global Greens and European Green Party.

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