Minor Parties

Published 30th December, 2011

The following are minor political parties registered with the Ministry of the Interior.

Chinese Youth Party (中國青年黨)
China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨)
Worker’s Party of Taiwan (工黨)
China Democracy Party (中國民主黨)
China Democratic Justice Party (中國民主正義黨)
Chinese Republican Party (中華共和黨)
China United Party (中國聯合黨)
China New Social Party (中國新社會黨)
Chinese People’s Party (中國民眾黨)
China Republican Party (中國中和黨)
China Integrated Party (中國統一黨)
Integrated Democratic Party (統一民主黨)
China Loyalty Party (中國忠義黨)
Labor Party (勞動黨)
Chinese Youth Party (中華華青少黨)
China Old Veterans Unification Party (中國老兵統一黨)
Youth China Party (青年中國黨)
Loyalty and Public Interest Party (忠義致公黨)
China Democratic Youth Party (中國民主青年黨)
China Iron Guard Party (中國鐵衛黨)
China Solidarity Party (中國團結黨)
China Liberal Democratic Party (中國自由民主黨)
China Revival Party (中國復興黨)
Great Harmony Party (大同黨)
China National Security Party (中國國安黨)
China Peace Party (中國和平黨)
China Democratic Reform Party (中國民主革新黨)
Democratic Freedom Party (民主自由黨)
Democratic Action Party (民主行動黨)
China Democratic Constitutional Party (中國民主憲政黨)
China Great Harmony Democratic Party (中國大同民主黨
China Hung Ying Patriotism Party (中國洪英愛國黨)
Great Justice and Fair Party (大公黨)
China Self-Strengthening Party (中國自強黨)
China Middle and Youth Party (中國中青黨)
Chinese Orthodox Party (中華正統黨)
China Democratic Integrated Party (中國民主統一黨)
China All-people National Party (中國全民黨)
China People’s Protection Party (中國保民黨)
Peasant Party (農民黨)
China Justice Advocating Party (中國崇尚正義黨)
China By The People Party (中國民治黨)
China Human Rights Promotion Party (中國人權促進黨)
China Civil Administration Party (中國民政黨)
Indigenous People’s Party (Taiwan) (原民黨)
Revival Party (Taiwan) (中興黨)
China People Wealth Enrichment Party (中國民富黨)
Democratic Republic Party (民主共和黨)
Autonomy People’s Action Party (Taiwan) (自主民行黨)
Chinese National Equal Wealth Party (中華全民均富黨)
China Great Harmony Socialist Party (中國大同社會黨)
All is equal under heaven party (天下為公黨)
China Youth Democratic Party (中國青年民主黨)
Truth Party (真理黨)
China Great Harmony Integrated Party (中國大同統一黨)
China Binying National Wealth Advancement Party (中國檳英富國黨)
Chinese Social Democratic Party (中華社會民主黨)
New China Democracy Building Party (新中國民主建設黨)
China Liberal Social Party (中國自由社會黨)
China Independence Party (中國自立黨)
China National Welfare Party (中國全民福利黨)
China Women Party (中國婦女黨)
China Women Democratic Party (中國婦女民主黨)
Non-party National Democratic League (Taiwan) (全國民主非政黨聯盟)
China People’s Action Party (中國人民行動黨)
Chinese Labor Party (中華勞工黨)
Nationwide Labor Party (全國勞工黨)
Chinese Minority Race Justice Party (中華少數民族正義黨)
Chinese Nationalist Republican Party (中華民族共和黨)
Chinese Anqing Party (中華安青黨)
Civil Party (公民黨)
New Party
Youth Concordance Progressive Party (Taiwan) (青年協和進歩黨)
China National Party (中國國家黨)
People’s Solidarity Party (Taiwan) (人民團結黨)
Advance Party (先進黨)
Green Party Taiwan (綠黨)
National Democratic Party (國家民主黨)
Natural Law Party (Taiwan) (自然律黨)
Taiwan Independence Party (建國黨)
Chinese New People Party (中華新民黨)
Social Reform Party (Taiwan) (社會改革黨)
Democratic Alliance (Taiwan) (民主聯盟)
New Nation Connection (Taiwan) (新國家連線)
Taiwan Democratic Party (台灣民主黨)
China Tiantong Party (中國天同黨)
Zhongshan Party (Taiwan) (中山黨)
China Republic Democratic Party (中國共和民主黨)
Greater China Unification Front (大中華統一陣線)
New China Unification Promotion Party (新中國統一促進黨)
Taiwan Intelligence Action Volunteers Party (台灣慧行志工黨)
Taiwan Solidarity Union (台灣團結聯盟)
Taiwan ethnic integration alliance (台灣族群統一連盟)
Taiwan Number One Party (台灣吾黨)
China-Taiwan Public Interest Party (中國台灣致公黨)
People’s Wealth Enrichment Party (富民黨)
China Democratic Call Party (中國喚民黨)
Taiwan Democratic Worker’s Party (台灣民主工黨)
National Loyalty Party (Taiwan) (全民忠義黨)
World Peace Party (世界和平黨)
Civil Service Alliance (Taiwan) (工教聯盟)
People’s Right Progressive Party (民生權利進歩黨)
Dignity Party (Taiwan) (尊嚴黨)
Republic of China Free Party (中華民國自由自在黨)
Chinese Defense League (保衛中華大同盟)
Taiwan Defense Alliance (保衛台灣大聯盟)
Taiwanese People’s Action Alliance (台灣人民行動聯盟)
Chinese Universal Love Public Interest Party (中華博愛致公黨)
Chinese Unification Promotion Party (中華統一促進黨)
China Democratic Progressive Party (中國民主進歩黨)
New Taiwan Party (新台灣黨)
Taiwan Independence Alliance (台灣建國聯盟)
Taiwan Party (台灣黨)
Help the Weak Alliance (濟弱扶傾聯盟)
Taiwan Life Party (台灣生活黨)
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (黨外團團結聯盟)
Hakka Party (客家黨)
Independent Non-partisan National League (全民廉政無黨連盟)
Taiwan New Hakka Party (台灣新客家黨)
Taiwan Civil Action Party (台灣平民行動黨)
National Health Alliance (Taiwan) (全民健康聯盟)
Liberal Worker’s Party (Taiwan) (自由工黨)
Taiwan National Party (台灣國民黨)
Taiwanese Farmers’ Party (台灣農民黨)
Taiwan Civil Democratic Party (台灣平民民主黨)
Third Society Party (Taiwan) (第三社會黨)
Chinese Reform Party (中華革興黨)
Save The World And Mercy Party (大道慈悲濟世黨)
Home Party (紅黨)
Taiwan Constitution Association (制憲聯盟)
Democratic Peace Party (民主和平黨)
Taiwan Democratic Republican Party (台灣民主共和黨)
World Peace Neutral Party (世界和平中立黨)
Taiwan National Party (台灣國家黨)
Party of Native Citizens (本土公民黨)
Health Party of the Republic of China (中華民生黨)
Taiwan Communist Party (台灣共產黨)
World Labor Party (世界勞工黨)
China Family Party (中華民族黨)
Broadcasting and Telecommunications Alliance Party (廣播電訊聯盟黨)
Radio Party of the Republic of China (中華民國廣播黨)
Cross-Strait Peace Alliance Party (海峽兩岸和平大聯盟黨)
Communist Party of the Republic of China (中華民國共產黨)
Rites and Constitution Party (禮憲黨)
Taiwanese Party of the People (台灣民生黨)
Filial Piety Party (孝道黨)
Chinese Women’s Party (中華婦女黨)
China Communist Alliance (中國共產聯盟)
People are the Greatest Party (全民最大黨)
Eastern Red Party (東方紅黨)
Formosa Independence Rights Party (福爾摩沙法理建國黨)
People’s Party (Taiwan) (人民黨)
Taiwan Democratic Communist Party (臺灣民主共產黨)
White Party (白黨)
Phoenix Party (鳳凰黨)
Taiwan Welfare Party (台灣福利黨)
Chinese Tiantong Party (中華天同黨)
Chinese Hakka Party (中華客家黨)
Greater China Plum Flower Party (大中華梅花黨)
Chinese Production Party (中華生產黨)
Chinese Elite Party (中華精英黨)
Taiwan Ideology Party (台灣主義黨)
China Hung Meng Public Interest Party (中國洪門致公黨)
Taiwan Our Party (台灣我們的黨)
Great Tao People’s Party (大道人民黨)
Taiwan Public Opinion Party (台灣民意黨)
Taiwan Democratic Movement Party (台灣民主運動黨)
Taiwan Small Farmer’s Party (台灣小農黨)
Chinese Home-Nation Party (中華家國黨)
China Social Party (中國社會黨)
China Construction Party (中華建設黨)
Round Party (圓黨)
Chinese Reform Party (中華維新黨)
Voices of the Chinese Party (華聲黨)
Third forces coalition (第三勢力聯盟)
Taiwan Golden Party (臺灣黃金黨)
Political Issues Alliance (政治議題聯盟)
Global Hakka Party (世界客屬黨)
China Green Lotus Party (中國青蓮黨)
Chinese Culture Party (中華文化黨)

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