People First Party

Published 30th December, 2011

The People First Party or PFP was founded by James Soong, a former Kuomintang secretary general, to support his presidential bid in 2000. The party describes itself as centre-right and believes in conservatism, Chinese nationalism and anti-communism.

In the 2000m presidential election James Soong (Soong Chu-yu) came second with 36.8% of the vote. This inspired him to turn the movement he had formed into a proper political party.

In the 2001 legislative election the party took 46 of the 225 seats in the Legislative Yuan making it the third largest party.

In 2004 they dropped back to 34 seats and in 2008 they entered into a deal with the Kuomintang whereby they contested a number of seats under the Kuomintang banner. In total they took nine of the 113 seats.

James Soong is contesting the 2012 presidential election once more and may lead to him splitting the Pan Blue coalition votes of which his party has been a member since 2001.

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