Communist Party of Tajikistan

Published 5th November, 2013

The Communist Party of Tajikistan was established in 1924 as the republican branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The party describes itself as Far-left and believes in Marxism–Leninism.

Following the Soviet era when the party was all powerful and the only legitimate party in the country, the party was reformed into the Tajik Socialist Party twelve days after independence in 1991. The party was subsequently banned but when Rakhaman Nabiyev was elected to the presidency in November 1991 the ban was lifted and the party continued under the old name.

With the establishment of the People’s Democratic Party and its dominance in elections, the Communist Party joined the secular opposition.

In the March 2000 general election the party won 13 of the 63 seats in the Assembly of Representatives. That dropped to four seats in 2005 and two seats in 2010.

The Communist Party of Tajikistan is affiliated to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

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