Social Action Party

Published 9th May, 2011

The Social Action Party or SAP was formed in 1974 by breakaway members of the Democrat Party.

In their first election contest in 1975 the SAP won 18 seats and in 1976 they went up to 45 seats. The fortunes of the party continued to improve when in 1979 they took 21.1% of the vote and 82 of 301 seats to become the largest party. They did even better in 1983, their zenith, when they took 26.8% of the vote and 92 of 324 seats.

After 1983 the party started to decline going to 51 seats in 1986, 54 seats in 1988 and then 31 and 22 seats respectively in March and September 1992. They also took 22 seats in 1995 and in 1996 were down to 20 seats. By 1997 the party split with some members joining the Democrat Party led coalition.

In 2001 the once highly successful Social Action Party was reduced to just one seat and in 2003 they were disbanded as members joined the Thai Rak Thai Party (TRT). The party was reborn in 2008 by a former leader, Suwit Khunkitti.

The SAP describe their ideology as conservatism.

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