Thai Nation Development Party

Published 9th May, 2011

The Thai Nation Development Party or Chartthaipattana or CTP was born out of the dissolution of the Thai Nation Party (Pak Chart Thai).

The Thai Nation Party was founded in the mid 1970’s by a right wing group of pro-business retired military officers. In 1988 they were the largest party in the July election with 87 of 357 seats and led a coalition government which was eventually thrown out by a military coup in 1991.

In July 1995 they were the largest party again, with 92 of 391 seats and 22.8% of the vote and again formed a seven party coalition government. The coalition collapsed in September 1996 around corruption scandals and in the November 1996 election they were reduced to 39 of 393 seats with just 9.9% of the vote.

In 2001 they fared little better, taking just 41 seats but joined the Thai Rak Thai (TRT) coalition government. In February of 2005 they continued to do badly and took only 27 of 500 seats and came third.

In 2006, along with other parties they boycotted the general election and in 2007 they won 37 seats. However, along with the TRT the party was dissolved by a Constitutional Court on 2nd December 2008 with most of its executive members being banned from office for five years.

On 18th April 2008 the Thai Nation Development Party was formed in anticipation of the dissolution of the Thai Nation Party and most members crossed over to the new party.

On 15th December 2008 the Chartthaipattana joined the Democrat Party in the formation of a six party coalition government.

The Chartthaipattana describes itself as a populist party.

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