Union of Forces for Change

Published 11th March, 2013

The Union of Forces for Change or UFC was originally a coalition of anti-Gnassingbé Eyadéma organisations. In 1993 it was launched as a social democratic party under the leadership of Gilchrist Olympio.

Gilchrist Olympio was to have stood in the 1993 presidential election but was barred from doing so and subsequently the party boycotted the 1994 general election. The party went on to boycott the 1999 and 2003 elections for various reasons.

In 2007 the Union of Forces for Change fought the general election and won 27 of the 81 seats in the National Assembly.

The party candidate in the March 2010 presidential election, Jean-Pierre Fabre, took 33.9% of the vote behind Faure Gnassingbé who took 60.9% of the vote. Subsequent to the election Gilchrist Olympio, as the president of the party, decided to change tack and on 27th May 2010 announced that the party had concluded an agreement to enter into government and take seven ministerial positions. The decision was contested by Fabre and deep divisions occurred between the two factions of the party.

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