Cabinet of Togo

Komi Selom Klassou Prime Minister
Adji Otèth Ayassor Minister of State, Minister of Economy and Finance,
Planning and Forecasting
Ms. Victoire Tomégah Dogbé Minister of Grassroots Development, Crafts, Youth and Youth Employment
Octave Nicoué Broohm Minister of Higher Education and Research
Gilbert Bawara Minister of Public Service, Labour, Employment, Administrative Reform,
Social Security and Promoting Social Dialogue
Ms. Cina Lawson Minister of Post and Digital Economy
Ninsao Gnofam Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
Yark Damehane Minister of Security and Civil Protection
Robert Dussey Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration
Ouro-Koura Agadazi Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Water
Payadowa Boukpéssi Minister of Territorial Administration, Administration and Local Government
Mrs. Bernadette Legzim-Balouki Minister of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Development and Tourism
Christ Agbétomé Minister of Justice and Relations with Institutions of the Republic
Me Fiatuwo Sessenou Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Living Environment
Komi Palamwé Tchakpélé Minister for Primary and Secondary Education
Georges Aïdam Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training
André Johnson Minister of Environment and Forest Resources
Guy Madjé Lorenzo Minister of Communication, Culture, Youth, Sports and Civic Education
Professor Moustapha Midjiyawa Minister of Health
Ably Bidamon Minister of Mines and Energy
Ms. Tchabilengui Kolani Yantcharé Minister of Social Action, Social Promotion and Literacy
Kossi Assimaïdou Minister to the Minister of State for Economy and Finance in charge
of Planning and Forecasting
Sani Yaya Minister Delegate to the Minister of State, Minister of Economy and
Finance for the Budget
Batienne Kpabré Silly Minister to the Presidency of the Republic
Elliott Ohin Minister without Portfolio to the Prime Minister
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