Democratic Left Party

Published 26th April, 2011

The Democratic Left Party or DSP was founded in 1985 by the wife of Mustafa Bülent Ecevit who had been Prime Minister at the time of the 1980 coup but who was banned from active politics for life; this was revoked in a referendum in 1987.

The DSP describes itself as a social democratic Kemalist party.

The party did not achieve success in the elections of 1987, but in 1991 they picked up 7 seats. In 1995 they increased their tally to 76 seats and in 1999 became the largest party with 136 seats, leading a three party coalition into government. The coalition was not a success and in 2002 the DSP were wiped out. In 2007 they came back in an alliance with the Republican People’s Party (MHP) and won 13 seats.

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