Nationalist Action Party

Published 26th April, 2011

The Nationalist Action Party, also translated as Nationalist Movement Party or MHP was founded in 1969 from the Republican Peasant’s Nationalist Party (CKMP) and describes itself as a Turkish nationalist party.

Along with other parties, in 1980 the party name was abolished and in 1983 it was re-founded as the Conservative party. In 1985 they became the Nationalist Task Party and in 1992 reinstated the original name.

In 1969 the MHP won one seat, a drop of ten seats from the previous CKMP total of 11 in 1965. Their numbers crept up each election (except for 1995 where they had no seats) until in 1999 they took 129 of the 550 seats in the parliament and entered into coalition with two other parties. They were wiped out in 2002 and in 2007 returned in third place with 71 seats.

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