Minor Parties

Published 21st January, 2011

The list below gives the minor parties registered with the Uganda Electoral Commission, giving their short name and date on which they became a registered party.

Please note: A Party may have existed prior to 2004, but multi-party elections were not permitted before that time and therefore parties were not recognised prior to that date.

Action Party [AP] 2004
Activist Party 2007
Bridge Party [BP] 2005
Congress Service Volunteers Organisation (COSEVO) 2007
Farmers’ Party of Uganda [FPU] 2004
Forum for Integrity in Leadership [FIL] 2004
Liberal Democratic Transparency [LDT] 2005
Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] 2004
Movement Volunteer Mobilisers Organization [MVMO] 2005
National Convention for Democracy {NCD] 2004
National Peasants’ Party [NPP] 2004
Ecological Party of Uganda(EPU) 2004
National Redemption Party [NRP] 2005
National Unity, Reconciliation and Development [NURP] 2004
National Youth Revolutionary Organisation [NYRO] 2006
New Order Democracy [NOD] 2005
People’s Development Party (PDP) 2007
People’s Independent Party [PIP] 2004
People’s Progressive Party [PPP] 2004
People’s United Movement [PUM] 2005
Popular People’s Democracy [PPD] 2005
Progressive Alliance Party [PAP] 2005
Reform Party [RP] 2005
Republican Women and Youth Party [RWYP] 2004
Social Democratic Party[SDP] 2005
Society for Peace and Development [SPD] 2006
Uganda Economic Party [UEP] 2004
Uganda Mandate Party [UMP] 2005
Uganda Patriotic Movement [UPM] 2005
Uganda People’s Party [UPP] 2005
Green Partisan Party (GPP) 2010
Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) 2010

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