Uganda People’s Congress

Published 21st January, 2011

The Uganda People’s Congress is, arguably, the oldest political party in Uganda having been formed in 1955 with a socialist agenda but with a Protestant base.

The party was formed by Milton Obote and he remained its leader until his death in 2005. In 2010 the party elected a new leader in Dr Olara Otunnu.

The UPC was the ruling party under Milton Obote from independence in 1962 until 1971 when it was overthrown by Idi Amin. The UPC returned to power after Idi Amin had been deposed in disputed elections which took place in December 1980.

Obote and the UPC were overthrown again in 1985 and has remained out of government ever since. In the first multi-party elections since the 1960s, in 2006 the UPC took nine seats and its Presidential candidate, Miria Obote (widow of Milton Obote) took .82% of the vote.

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