Minor Parties

Published 13th April, 2011

The following is the official list of all political parties from the Central Election Commission (CEC); there are 201 registered parties.

Agrarian Party of Ukraine
Ukrainian Cossack party
All-Ukrainian Party of Spirituality and Patriotism
All-Ukrainian Party of Peace and Unity (VPMYE)
All-Ukrainian Party of People’s Trust (formerly -Party protect disadvantaged people of Ukraine)
Ukrainian Party “New Power”
Ukrainian Labor Party
“All political party – Ecology and Social Protection”
Ukrainian Political Party “Brotherhood”
All-Ukrainian Chornobyl People’s Party “For the Welfare and Social Protection of the People”
Ukrainian Union “Freedom” (previous name -Social-National Party of Ukraine)
All-Ukrainian Political Union “United Family”
Civic party “PORA” (previous name – Political party “PORA”)
Democratic Party of Hungarians of Ukraine
Democratic Party of Ukraine
United Center (formerly – Party of private property)
“Women for the Future” All-Ukrainian Political Union (formerly – Women’s Democratic Party)
Green Ecological Party of Ukraine “Rainbow” (previous name – Ecological Party of Ukraine (Protection”)
“KMKS” Party of Hungarians of Ukraine
Communist Party of Workers and Peasants
Communist Party of Ukraine (renew)
Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists
Liberal Party of Ukraine
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine (the former name – Liberal Democratic Party “PROTECTED PERSON. privately – COMES FIRST!”)
Youth Party of Ukraine
National Environmental Party
People’s Party (previous name – National Agrarian Party of Ukraine Agrarian Party of Ukraine)
“People’s Party of Depositors and Social Protection”
People’s Movement of Ukraine
People’s Movement of Ukraine for Unity
People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
People’s Democratic Party of Patriots of Ukraine (previous name – Liberal Democratic Party of Patriots of Ukraine Party of Rehabilitation of the people of Ukraine, Party of Rehabilitation of Invalids of Ukraine)
Party revival of the village (formerly – Party of Free Peasants and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine)
Party of Free Democrats (previous name – Political Party “Apple”)
Party “Veche” (previous name – Constitutional Democratic Party)
Party of “Public Power” (previous name – Party “The Social Democratic Union” (SDS)
Party “Civil Solidarity” (previous name – Party of Patriotic Forces of Ukraine)
Party “Democratic Union”
Party state neutrality Ukraine
Party “United Ukraine” (previous name – educators Party of Ukraine)
Party “Women of Ukraine”
Party “For Human Rights” (former name – Party “Union Labor”)
Party of Motherland Defenders
Green Party of Ukraine
Party “Kievan Rus”
Party “People’s Power” (on stage termination based on the decision of the Fourth Congress of the Party 17.12.2011)
Party “National Bloc” (former name – the Party of Protection of Pensioners of Ukraine)
People’s Action Party “HOPE” (previous name -Political Party “Party Health”)
Party “National-Democratic Association” Ukraine ”
Party of National Economic Development of Ukraine
Party “United Left and Peasants” (previous name: Party “Justice”, “Party All-Ukrainian Union of the Left” Justice “)
Party of Pensioners of Ukraine
Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine
Party “Reforms and Order” (previous name – the “Our Ukraine” Party “Reforms and Order”)
Party of “FAMILY” (previous name – the Progressive Democratic Party UKRAINE; Party “Family”, the Progressive Democratic Party of Ukraine Party “New Generation of Ukraine”)
Party “RUS” (previous name – Party “Ruthenian-Ukrainian Union” (Rus)
Party “Ruses bloc” (previous name – Party “For Russia only”)
Party “for itself”
“Party peasants” (previous name – Party “Rebirth of the Ukrainian village”)
Party “PEASANT BLOCK AGRICULTURAL UKRAINE” (previous name – The political party “People’s Party New Ukraine”)
Party “Solidarity”
Party “Solidarity of Women of Ukraine”
Party “Socialist Ukraine” (the former name -“People’s Choice”
Party “Union”
The Labor Party
Christian-Democratic Union (former name – Christian People’s Union)
Patriotic Party of Ukraine
Political Party “Agro-Industrial Union”
Political party “Block Party”
Political Party “Leading Force ‘
Political Party “United Ukraine”
Political Party “Recovery and Development”
Political party “Fatherland”
Political Party “Actually POWER”
Political Party “All-Party” Children of War ”
Political party All-Ukrainian Union “Community”
Political Party “All-Ukrainian Union” Center ”
Political Party “Ukrainian Patriotic Union”
Political Party “Citizenship” (previous name -Political Party “Mighty Ukraine”)
Political Party Civic Movement of Ukraine
Political party “Democratic Alliance”
Political party “State” (previous name – Political Party “United Russia”)
Political Party “Children of War” PEOPLE’S PARTY OF UKRAINE ”
Political Party “Spiritual Ukraine”
Political Party “European Party of Ukraine”
Political Party “European Platform” (formerly – Political Party “Our Party”)
Political Party “United Country”
Political Party “For Better Life”
Political Party “For justice and prosperity ”
Political Party “For Ukraine!” (previous name -Social Protection Party)
Political party “Law and Order”
Political Party “Protection”
Political Party “Green” (previous name – Political Party “will”)
Political Party “Internet Party of Ukraine”
Political Party “Information Ukraine”
Political Party “Kiyani first!” (previous name – Civil Party of Ukraine)
Political Party “Cossack People’s Party”
Political Party “Cossack glory” (previous name -Political Party “YEVROTURBOTA”)
Political Party “Cossack Ukrainian Party”
Political party Liberal Ukraine (previous name -Liberal Party of Ukraine (renew)
Political party “Liberal humanist party” friend “(previous name – Political Party “Party humanists Ukraine”)
Political Party of Small and Medium Enterprises of Ukraine
Political Party “Meritokratychna Party of Ukraine”
Political Party “We have courage”
Political party “bridge”
Political Party “Young Ukraine”
Political Party “Youth to power”
Political Party “Narodnaya Volya”
Political party “People’s Initiative”
Political Party “Defense” (previous name -Political party “Forward, Ukraine!”)
Political party “People’s Power”
Political party “People’s Parliament”
Political party “People’s Labour Union of Ukraine”
Political party “Our Home”
Political Party “Our Time”
Political party “Our Ukraine” (previous title – People’s Union “Our Ukraine”; political party “People’s Union Our Ukraine”)
Political party “New Democracy” (previous name – Political party “Civic Platform”; political party “New Democracy”)
Political Party “New State”
Political Party “New Politics”
Political Party “New Faces”
Political Party “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” (previous name – the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine (OUNvU)
Political Party “Party Environmental Rescue” ECO +25% ” (previous name – Political Party “Party for the military”) (is under suspension on the decision of the second stage of the third congress of the Party of 1/10/2011)
Political Party “Party Cossacks of Ukraine”
Political Party “Party Local Government”
Political Party “Party Public Protection”
Political Party “Party’s Order”
Political Party “Party of a new generation of Ukraine ”
Political Party “Party of strong government”
Political Party “Party of the Ukrainian people”
Political Party “Party of Ukrainian Youth”
Political party “political union” Direct Action ”
Political Party “Human freedom of Ukraine”
Political Party “Truth”
Political Party “Righteousness”
Political party “Law and Justice”
Political Party “Awakening”
Political Party “Renaissance”
Political Party “Hometown”
Political Party “Workers’ Party of Ukraine”
Political Party “Rus”
Political party “Russian Unity” (previous name – Political Party “Vanguard”)
Political Party “self-governing UKRAINIAN STATE”
Political Party “Peasant Ukraine” (previous name – the Communist Labor Party, the Communist Party (Migrant)
Political Party “Strength and Honor” (previous name – Freedom Party)
Political party “Strong Ukraine” (previous name – Labour Party of Ukraine) (is under suspension on the decision of the second session II (xii) National Congress Party on 3/17/2012)
Political Party “Conscience of Ukraine”
Political party “Social-Patriotic Assembly Slavs”
Political party “Union of Anarchists of Ukraine”
Political party “Union of Left Forces”
Political party “joint action”
Political Party “Fair Country”
Political Party “Fair Ukraine”
Political Party “Your Ukraine”
Political Party “Third Force”
Political Party “WORK UKRAINE”
Political Party “BLOW (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform) Vitali Klitschko” ( previous name –
Political Party “New Country” , political party European Capital “)
Political Party “Ukrainian party responsyzmu”
Political Party “Cathedral Ukraine”
Political Party of Ukraine “RUS ONE” (previous name – Political Party of Ukraine “Party of Putin’s Politics ” (PPP)
Political Party “Slavic People’s Patriotic Union” (SNPS)
Political Party “Ukrainian Platform” (on stage termination based on the decision of the Second Party Congress 12/03/2011)
Political party Ukrainian Platform “Sobor”(previous name: Ukrainian Republican Party “Sobor”, Ukrainian Republican Party)
Political Party “SOCIAL JUSTICE” (previous name: Political party “Ukrainian Republican Alliance”)
Political Party “Ukrainian Social Democrats”
Political party “Front of Changes” (previous name – Political party “Democratic Front”; political party “People’s Labor Party”)
The political unification “Mother Motherland”
Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine
Progressive Democratic Party of Ukraine
Radical Party Oleg Lyashko (previous name – Political Party “Ukrainian Radical-Democratic Party”)
Republican Party of Ukraine
Republican Christian Party
Workers Party of Ukraine (Marxist-Leninist)
Peasant Party of Ukraine
Slavic Party
Social Democratic Party of Ukraine
Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) (previous name – the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine)
Socialist Party of Ukraine
Socio-Ecological Party “Union. Chernobyl Ukraine.”
Social Christian Party
Ukrainian Conservative Party
Ukrainian Sea Party
Ukrainian People’s Party (the former name -Ukrainian People’s Movement)
Ukrainian National Assembly
Ukrainian National Conservative Party
Ukrainian Party
Ukrainian Party “Unity”
Ukrainian Party “Green Planet”
Veterans Party of Afghanistan (previous name – Ukrainian Party of Justice – Union veterans, the disabled, Chernobyl, Afghans)
Ukrainian Party of Honor, the fight against corruption and organized crime
Ukrainian political party “Christian Movement”
Ukrainian Republican Party (the former name – Ukrainian Republican Party Lukyanenko)
Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party
Party Natalie King “Ukraine – Go” (previous name – Ukrainian Social Democratic Party)
Christian Democratic Party of Ukraine
Christian Liberal Party of Ukraine (HLPU) (previous name – the Christian Democratic Union, Christian Liberal Union).

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