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30th Mar, 2017United Kingdom triggers Article 50

Yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union by sending a letter to Donald Tusk the President of the European Council. The move triggered […] more ->

6th Mar, 2017Northern Ireland Assembly election results in stalemate

Nationalist parties who supported the ‘remain’ campaign in the European referendum last year have gained seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections held last Thursday. The new Assembly will be […] more ->

18th Jan, 2017Full text of speech by Theresa May on Brexit

Yesterday Prime Minister Theresa May laid out her broad proposals for the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. She presented 12 priorities and gave a flavour of the way in […] more ->

15th Dec, 2016Turks and Caicos Islands hold General Election

The British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean is holding its general election today. There are 19 seats in Legislative Council with 52 candidates standing in […] more ->

22nd Sep, 2016Isle of Man votes in general election

Voters are going to the polls today to vote for the 24 members to the House of Keys (parliament) in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is a […] more ->

18th Jul, 2016UK Cabinet full list

The full list of the Cabinet appointed last week by the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, is as follows: Theresa May Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for […] more ->

14th Jul, 2016Statement by new Prime Minister Theresa May

The following is the text of a statement by Theresa May following her appointment as Prime Minister. “Statement from the new Prime Minister Theresa May From: Prime Minister’s Office, 10 […] more ->

14th Jul, 2016Prime Minister Theresa May starts forming her government

Following the European Referendum when the British people voted to leave the European Union (referred to as Brexit), Prime Minister David Cameron formally resigned yesterday and Queen Elizabeth II invited […] more ->

24th Jun, 2016Cameron to stand down as Prime Minister

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that, following the result of the European Union referendum yesterday, that the country needs a new ‘Captain’ to steer the ship through negotiations. David […] more ->

24th Jun, 2016UK votes to leave EU

The United Kingdom voted in a referendum yesterday (23rd June 2016) to leave the European Union (EU). The British people were asked “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of […] more ->