Union of Moderate Parties

Published 26th October, 2012

The Union of Moderate Parties or UMP was founded in 1980 as a coalition of groups opposed to the Vanua’aku Pati (VP) government. The party is described as a conservative Francophone party.

In the 1983 election to party won 12 of the 39 seats in parliament and became the second largest party. It held on to this in 1987 when it took 19 seats. In 1991 it was the largest party with 19 of 46 seats in the parliament and went on to form the government which it held until 1998, taking 17 seats but coming second in 1995.

In 1998, however, it dropped to 12 seats in a 52 seat parliament following internal struggles. In 2002 that went back up to 15 seats and in 2004 despite dropping back to nine seats, its leader, Serge Vohor was able to form a government but was defeated in a confidence vote just four months later.

In 2008 the party won seven of the 52 seats in parliament and went into opposition before joining the government in 2009.

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