About Political Parties in Venezuela

Published 13th April, 2011

Until 1998 there were only two major parties occupying the political landscape, Democratic (AD) Action and the Social Christian Party or COPEI. With the 1998 elections that changed and there emerged a large number of political parties, although the Movement of the Fifth Republic (MVR) of Hugo Chávez dominated the political space.

Since then there has been a consolidation with most pro-Chávez parties joining the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and in more recent times the emergence of a coalition of parties called the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD). Within those alliances a number of political parties maintain their individual identities and hold representation in the National Assembly although they appear under the coalition names for electoral purposes. Those political parties with representation after the 2010 general election with the number of seats they hold are as follows:

United Socialist Party of Venezuela; Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuel; PSUV (97)
Democratic Action; Acción Democrática; AD (19)
A New Era; Una Nueva Era; UNT(14)
Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee; Comité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente; COPEI (8)
Justice First; Primero Justicia; PJ (6)
For Social Democracy; Por la Democracia Social; PODEMOS (4)
Project Venezuela; Proyecto Venezuela; PV (4)
The Radical Cause; La Causa Radical; LCR (3)
Popular Will; Voluntad Popular; VP (2)
Fatherland for All; Patria Para Todos; PPT (2)
Movement for Socialism; Movimiento al Socialismo; MAS (2)
Communist Party of Venezuela; Partido Comunista de Venezuela; PCV (1)
Fearless People’s Alliance; Alianza Bravo Pueblo; ABP (1)
National Convergence; Convergencia Nacional (1).

There are a number of other small regional parties.

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