Communist Party of Vietnam

Published 13th April, 2011

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) was founded on 3rd February 1930 by Ho Chi Minh. In the October it changed its name to the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP) at the request of the 3rd Communist International.

The ICP was dissolved in 1945 but remained as an underground organisation and emerged once more in 1951 as the Vietnam Workers Party (VWP).

In 1976, after the reunion of the two halves of Vietnam, the party reverted back to the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The party describes itself as a Marxist Leninist party and is said to have 3,600,000 members.

The party holds a National Congress every five years and elects a Central Committee which meets twice a year. The Politburo consist of 14 members and looks after policy, whilst the Secretariat with eight members handles day to day matters. The Secretary-General is, in effect, the party leader and directs the activities of the politburo and secretariat.

No other political parties are permitted in Vietnam.

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