About Yemeni Political Parties

Published 23rd January, 2012

There are two broad coalitions within Yemen which should be noted for future elections.

The National Assembly of the Yemeni Revolution Forces came out of the spring uprising in Yemen in 2011. It brought together youth protesters, civic groups, defectors of the 1st Armoured Division and some opposition parties under one council of 143 representatives. It was formed in August 2011. It is unclear as to whether it will ever form into a political party because of its wide political representation, but new parties may emerge from the grouping.

The Joint Meetings Parties (JMP) is believed to have been formed in 2005. Some suggest it was formed in 2002, but they may be getting confused with the Co-ordination Council of Opposition Parties (CCOP). In its present format it appears to represent the opposition parties in the Assembly of Representatives including the Yemeni Socialist Party and Islah (Yemeni Congregation for Reform).

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