Minor Parties

Published 18th April, 2011

Party of Liberation (Hizb ut_Tahrir) National Opposition Council (NOC)

Democratic Nasserite Party (DNP)

Nasserite Reform Organization (NRO)

Libertarian Front Party (LFP)

League of People of Yemen Party (Ray)

Al-Haqq Party (al-Haqq)

Federation of Yemeni Popular Forces (FYPF)

Yemeni League Party (YL)

National Social Party  (NSP)

Unionist Popular Libertarian Party (UPLP)

Popular Unity Party (PUP)

People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

Democratic September Organization Party (DSOP)

Yemeni Unionist Congregation (1)

Yemeni Unionist Congregation (2)/(Yemeni Green Party)

Democratic National Front (DNF)

Sources: Supreme Commission for Elections & referendum:; and others

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