Parliamentary 2009


An election took place on 26 April 2009.

Social Democratic Party (Partit Socialdemòcrata)
with the Parochial Union of Independents Group (Grup d’Unió Parroquial Independents)
and other independents in some parishes 14
Reformist Coalition (Coalició Reformista)
Liberal Party of Andorra (Partit Liberal Andorrà)
Lauredian Union (Unió Laurediana)
New Centre (Nou Centre), successor to Centre Demòcrata Andorrà–Segle 21
Independents of Ordino (Independents d’Ordino) 11
Andorra for Change (Andorra pel Canvi)
supported by Democratic Renewal (Renovació Democràtica) 3
Greens of Andorra (Els Verds d’Andorra) 0
National Union of Progress (Unió Nacional de Progrés) 0
Total 28

Includes seats won by the parish lists.

Registered voters: 20,298
Turnout: 75.3%
Votes: 14,679

Source: Government of Andorra

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