Presidential 2016


The election took place in two rounds. In the first round on 6 March 2016, results were as follows:

Lionel Zinsou-Derlin (Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin) 28.44%
Patrice Talon (Independent) 24.80%
Sébastien Ajavon (Independent) 23.03%
Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané (Alliance for a Triumphant Benin) 8.79%
Pascal Koupaki (New Consciousness Rally) 5.85%
Robert Gbian (Generations for Republican Governance) 1.56%
Fernand Amoussou (Alliance of Forces of the Future) 1.17%
Issa Salifou (Union for Relief) 1.04%

A further 25 candidates each received less than 1% of the vote.

Registered electors: 4,702,168
Votes: 3,010,888
Turnout: 64.03%

In the second round, which took place on 20 March 2016, Lionel Zinsou received 34.63% of the vote. Patrice Talon received 65.37% of the vote and was therefore elected president. Turnout in the second round was 65.57%.


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