Presidential 2006


First round elections took place on 22 October 2006.

Georgi Parvanov (Initiative Committee) 64.047%
Volen Siderov (Attack) 21.486%
Nedelcho Beronov (Initiative Committee) 9.753%
Georgi Markov (Order, Law and Justice) 2.716%
Petar Beron (Initiative Committee) 0.785%
Grigor Velev (Union of Bulgarian Nationalists “Whole Bulgaria”) 0.714%
Luben Petrov (Initiative Committee) 0.498%

In the second round run-off, which took place on 29 October 2006, Volen Siderov received 24.052% of the vote. Georgi Parvanov received 75.948% and was duly elected President.

Source: www.izbori2006.org/results

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